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The HazBeanz Show

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The Hazbeanz Show is a podcast like no other in that we take to the road and travel to wherever our guests live. Guests are invited into the campervan to receive some Irish Traveller hospitality, a cup of tea and a good conversation. The show looks at issues within society, news, culture, entertainment, debate and, most of all, laughter and comedy.


It's a podcast that's funny, serious and thought-provoking. 


Our main aim is to invite people who would not normally have the opportunity to engage with a Traveller, in their environment, and without judgement. Talking is good, conversation is better.


Presented and produced by Irish Traveller/Mincier stand-up comedian, Martin Beanz Warde. 

Co- produced and edited by Chris Sture, a Galway native and producer of music and songs. Check him out on Spotify under the moniker of Chrisy Nix.

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